Now Offering Remote Summer Camp

For Kids 4 – 10 Years Old
Starting May 18th! Your Little One Can Learn A Second Language From Home.

For more information, please call 281-465-0899 or e-mail

Also in-house camps are available.

Language learning at its best! Our summer language camp is perfect for students to learn or improve a second language, meet students from different cultural backgrounds, or prepare for travel overseas. Our camp combines immersion language learning with fun, applicable games, and activities so every student can practice their new language daily in a nurturing and diverse environment. Because students come from different countries and cultures, language is their common bond, and friendships created at camp last a lifetime. Lesson plans are designed to achieve linguistic,  and educational objectives.

Summer Camp activities include Dynamic Activities, Creative Movement, Arts and Crafts Projects, Music and Dance, Songs, Role Playing, and Traditional Games and Board Games to help them use their new language in real-world situations. We also have Friday Fundays, where we bring activities and adventures to the school.

All our language instructors are qualified, trained, and native speakers of the language they are teaching so they know the best practices for learning and speaking.


We offer our language camp for anyone willing to learn a new language. Many campers come enroll without having language-learning experience.

  • Spanish camp: campers will be grouped by age and level (4-6-years old and 7-9-years old).
  • French camp: only available for children ages 4-5 years-old. (Very limited spaces)
  • Mandarin camp: only offered for children ages 4-5-years old. (Very limited spaces)
  • English camp: only available for children ages 4-12  years old.  Campers will be grouped by age and level (4-6 years old and 7-12 years old).


Our language camp is filled with diversity; from campers wanting to learn their parent’s native language to campers who have never spoken any of the languages offered. Campers from different backgrounds and cultures come together to learn and have fun during our summer camp. Many of our campers are multilingual students who are either learning a new language or strengthening their language skills.

English (ESL) Camp 4-6 and 7-12 year old’s


Crossing Borders is very excited to announce our English Summer Camp for 7 – 12 year old students, held on our beautiful campus. This amazing location is in the heart of the Museum District of downtown Houston and is a perfect setting for those wanting to learn English as a second language.

We are now enrolling students for this very limited camp so be sure to sign up now to reserve your child’s spot. Our summer camps give students the opportunity to work on grammar, vocabulary, enunciation, phonics, and writing and our incredible native speaking teachers provide an inclusive environment where students are encouraged to learn and participate in class. Weekly fun events encourage students to socialize and engage with each other, practicing their new language and making life-long friends.


Crossing Borders offers language classes ranging from beginner to advance levels. Many of our students come to Crossing Borders for English language immersion opportunities to improve their communication skills in an American environment. We also have students with very little English-speaking experience in their lives. Thanks to our wonderful teachers, students at  Crossing Borders quickly acclimate themselves to a new language and setting. More than teaching a second language, Crossing Borders’ mission is to inspire and transform every student that is in our classroom so they can be prepared for their future. Our students don’t just come to our camps to learn a second language, they also make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.


Our English camp gives your child the opportunity to not only be immersed in English but to learn about other cultural backgrounds in the process. Campers travel from all over the world to come and study English with us. Some of the countries where past campers hailed from are: Italy, Spain, Japan, China, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany, Australia, Philippines, Korea, and many more.

Our English summer camp is designed to provide children the opportunity to learn or improve their English language skills in a rich, stimulating and motivating environment that fosters enjoyment and curiosity. Campers will learn or improve their target language in a safe environment where they will feel comfortable and free to actively participate in camp activities. Our native teachers will help your child through the acclimation process by nurturing them as they get used to a new country and language.