Language Summer Camps for Kids & Teens 




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Spanish Camp

Our Spanish camp is a fantastic opportunity for kids in Houston, Katy, and The Woodlands to learn Spanish! This is Crossing Borders’ 12th year offering an exceptional Spanish summer camp that brings students back year after year! Our language camps are FUN and ACADEMIC! Our instructors are native Spanish speakers who provide dynamic, interactive language classes in an atmosphere of total immersion. Your child will learn the language and culture through theme-based crafts, activities, music, and games. You will be amazed at your child’s progress in a short amount of time!

Youngsters and preteens can benefit from our Spanish immersion camps that are offered during the spring, summer, and winter breaks. We will place them in groups according to their age and language proficiency.We are committed to the success of our students and want to help them reach their full potential! Our innovative language immersion programs will exceed your expectations and convince you to enroll your child in our camp year after year!

English Camp

During our English camps, students from around the world are able to interact with other students from different countries, giving them the opportunity to learn a new language, experience new customs, and encounter diversity on a daily basis. Students have come to our English camp from across the world, including Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Russia, Germany, Norway, India, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil.
Our camps are FUN and ACADEMIC! Our instructors are native English speakers and provide a dynamic, interactive class in an atmosphere of total immersion. Students learn the language through theme-based crafts, music, and games.

Camps include:

  • Field trips to area attractions
  • Activities to promote conversation and allow students to practice English
  • Certificates of completion

Many students enroll in our English camps for that extra immersion experience and to improve their communication skills in an American environment. These classes give the needed assurance and confidence to speak the English language, and to be able to learn and socialize in English.

French, Mandarin, and German Camps vary by location. Contact us to find out more!

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