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18 Years of Making Houston Bilingual

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Language Classes

Crossing Borders Language Center of Texas gives you the opportunity to learn a second language with native teachers in an encouraging and diverse environment. Whether you are looking to learn a second language for work, for an upcoming trip, or are simply wishing to expand your language learning skills, you can learn a new language today! At Crossing Borders, we strive to provide small language classes with an average of ten students per class. This allows for more personalized instruction and an intimate classroom environment that facilitates the development of conversational skills. We also offer day and night classes, private classes, and summer immersion camps. Develop conversational skills, learn new vocabulary, make new friends, learn about different cultures, and find yourself becoming more fluent in your chosen language with each class. Whether you are looking for English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, or German classes, Crossing Borders Language Center will help you meet your language learning goals. Contact us today to learn more


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