Crossing Borders Winter camp is a great place where children and teens can learn and/or improve their language skills, get ahead for the upcoming school season, participate in fun activities, and make new friends.

We offer two different languages during our Winter camp: Spanish & English.

Call (281) 465-0899 for more information.


Our Spanish Winter camp is designed for students who are out of school for the Christmas break but also want to have fun whilst learning or improving their Spanish skills. This is the perfect time for children 4 years old – 12 years old to discover a new language, engage in fun activities, and make new friends.

2019 Spanish Winter CampNot Available This Year


Our English camp is structured to fit the needs of our many international students. It is held for 6 weeks however a minimum of 2 weeks is required, for children and teens. Morning consist on intensive language learning skills whilst afternoons are filled with engaging and fun activities. Our Friday Fundays is also a huge part of the experience where many students can socialize and not only be immersed in a different language, but learn many different cultures in the process.

2019 English Winter CampNot Available This Year