At Crossing Borders in The Woodlands, we offer English programs for teens and adults. Our goal is to help every student achieve language fluency. Our courses are taught in interactive classrooms that encourage students to participate while providing them with a high level of feedback.


Beginner levels target the fundamentals necessary to learn English, with an emphasis on developing an initial foundation in written and oral communication. Coursework includes these areas of focus:

  • The fundamental structure of the language
  • Practical and applicable vocabulary words
  • The basics of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English


Intermediate levels target the skills that lead to increased fluency and linguistic flexibility. Coursework includes these areas of focus:

  • Enhanced vocabulary
  • Conversational English, including accurate pronunciation
  • Critical comprehension skills in verbal and written communication
  • Preparation for common academic expectations, including essay writing and note-taking
  • Levels 7-8 Phrasal verbs, pronunciation, and accent reduction


Designed for students who speak English fluently using correct vocabulary and grammatical structures. These concentrate on expanding vocabulary and focusing on those elements that make a language live.


This course is designed for students who are fluent in the English language but have room for improvement or plan to attend a college or university in the United States. It gives the student ample time to practice speaking English and work on proper grammar.

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