The best way to become bilingual! Students quickly become comfortable speaking Spanish because they practice conversing from the very first day of class. As student’s progress through our multi-leveled program, they acquire more and more practical vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills that can be used in everyday life.

Spanish Group Classes

The Crossing Borders Spanish program teaches you Spanish as a Second Language by developing practical skills in reading, writing, and verbal communication. You can apply these skills to advance your Spanish abilities for general purposes, academic studies, or to achieve professional objectives.

The Spanish program is divided into three levels, each course building from the last. Courses are available throughout the year with our goal of helping you reach level 3 within one year of study. Typical classes meet 1 day per week. Crossing Borders offers a comprehensive approach to learning Spanish that helps students achieve the level of fluency they need to succeed in academic and professional environments and to flourish in day-to-day communications. All courses are taught in an interactive classroom setting.

Private Spanish Classes

Private classes are for students that need a personalized schedule and flexibility, allowing you to learn at your pace. Our instructors are able to customize the program to your needs. Participants may also elect to have a program tailored to their specific interest or professional discipline.

Private classes require a minimum of 90 minutes per session.