At Crossing Borders, we offer adult language classes in Spanish, French, English, German, and Mandarin. There are many wonderful reasons to learn all of these languages, but today, we will highlight some of the reasons you should take our Spanish classes for adults:

Employment potential

A very practical reason to learn Spanish is that it expands your employment opportunities. Being bilingual in Spanish is a very appealing skill to put on your resume, particularly in fields such as healthcare, social services, education, business, and customer service. If you are looking to develop a skill that will make your stand out from other job applicants, learning Spanish is an excellent one to develop.

Access to immersion

Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the United States after English. Therefore, it is easy to immerse yourself in Spanish without even leaving the country. Chances are, you know someone who speaks Spanish with whom you can practice your new language skills. If you don’t, learning Spanish is an excellent opportunity to meet new people!

Travel enrichment

Spanish is not only one of the most popular languages in the United States, it is also the third most spoken language in the world! If you have any desire to travel outside of the country, speaking a commonly known language such as Spanish can be helpful, even if you are not in a Spanish speaking country.

When you are ready to try Spanish classes for adults, Crossing Borders has a class that fits into your schedule. We offer small class sizes and one-on-one tutoring. Contact us today for more information!