Learning a new language is an extremely worthwhile endeavor. It can help you travel internationally, make new friends, sharpen your mental clarity, and give you a new lot on life. However, learning a new language is easier said than done. You may have had this common experience that many people have: you resolve to learn a new language, buy the books you need, even enroll in adult language classes, but it is just not sticking. Pretty soon, your determination to become bilingual has faltered, and all the hard work you put in goes wasted. It may be that you are making one of two of these classic language learning mistakes that are keeping you from learning a new language.

You are trying to go too fast

When you first start learning a new language, you are full of enthusiasm, and likely are trying to learn as fast as possible. However, trying to cram a new language into your head simply cannot be done, and it can be a big motivation killer. Give yourself time to really incorporate your new language into your routine. Yes, practice every day, but start by only committing ten minutes at a time. This will help you make your language learning a realistic, long term commitment.

You are trying to memorize every word

Contrary to what you may believe, memorizing every word in a language isn’t going to help you speak it in a real life scenario. Certainly, it is good to have a sizeable vocabulary, but instead of using your memory to memorize every word, use it to help you make associations. This will be much more beneficial during conversations.

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