“I Did Quite Well on the TOEFL Test”
I am so glad to inform you that I did quite well on the TOEFL test, got 102 in total. Reading 25, listening 27, speaking 24, and writing 26. With this score, I am qualified to apply for a teacher’s training now.
Na Liu, China


“Teachers are Very Dedicated”
I am really very satisfied with the program, the teachers are very dedicated. My capacity of talking is getting better every day, there are great games that help me to improve my skills, so if you are thinking about learning English and want to be able to speak the language quick. This would be the best place to do it.
Yef, Colombia

“I Highly Recommend It”
The school Crossing Borders language it is from the 3 schools where, I have studied English the best. You have good teachers also a good way to teach English and I highly recommend it.
Albert, Venezuela

“I Love Crossing Borders”
I love Crossing Borders because of the organization, the teachers and the administration. I love the small classes, there are not too many students. I get to talk a lot and I get a lot of attention. They also serve great coffee.
Lucimara, Brazil

“I had an Amazing Teacher”
I learned a lot really, I’m so grateful because I had a amazing teacher. I will be here in the next level because I need to learn more so, see you later alligator. (I’m not sure if I said it the correct form but whatever hahahah) I give to the teacher 5 stars!
Santiago, Bolivia

“I Definitely Recommend the School”
Hi, My name is Jesus and I’ am a student of Crossing Borders school and I definitely recommend the school for everyone who wants to learn English. The classes are very helpful for me in my daily life. Now I can communicate a lot better. The teacher it’s very competitive and classes are very fun. If you really want to learn English I guarantee Crossing Borders is your best choice.
Jesus, Mexico

“I Learned a lot of English”
I love Crossing Borders Language Center in Katy, Tx. I learned a lot of English words, sentence, grammar in there, the teacher is friendly and interesting. The classmates are friendly and fun. I plan to study English in here.
Dajiu, China

“Taking This Course was the Best Decision I have Made”
I started taking English classes at Crossing Borders School and it really help me. Now I’m more confident to speak the language and I can understand it better. I think I have learned a lot just in a few weeks and at the same time I had fun and enjoy the classes because they are very active and funny. Also encourages me to talk an be able to have conversations about different kind of themes. Studying and taking this course was the best decision I have made.
Monica, Mexico

“It is Fun”
I moved to USA 2 years ago from South Korea. During 2 years I learned English, but not systematic. Through the Crossing Border I can learn English very systematic. I can learn grammar, speaking, listening and reading all of English. And most important things is Fun! I enjoy learn English thought the Crossing Borders.
Bokyuny, South Korea

“I am Amazed”
I’ve been in the Crossing Borders for a month. I am really amazed by how the teachers and administration are very friendly. I like it in here, and I do suggest for everyone to come and study, because they have a lot of activities and games that enables you to improve your English with fun.
Hadeel, Saudi Arabia

“I had the Best Experience”
I had the best experiences at Crossing Borders the teachers were so kind and beautiful persons, they teach me a lot of new things, like how to express myself even if I don’t know the exact words. It’s an amazing school you will love it!
Yesenia, Mexico

“The Teachers are Very Good”
In my opinion, Crossing Borders school has the necessary tools to help you to improve your English level. The teachers are very good and the program is very helpfully to you. I really had the best experience with native speakers teachers and the best environment to learn.
Andres, Colombia

“I Like it a Lot”
This is my second course in Crossing Borders and I like it a lot, the teachers are very good and the system of the school is one of the best you can learn vocabulary, grammar, reading, etc. in a flexible schedule.
Juan, U.S.A.

“I had a Good Experience”
I felt good because on this time, I’ m leaving a lot and meet a few different people with very different culture, language, food, etc. I had a good experience!
Cuauhtemoc, Mexico

“My Experience was Good”
My experience at Crossing Borders Language Center was good, because my teacher is very nice and she is very patient with me. Because my colleagues were sympathetic to me.
Edvania, Angola

“Fun Way to Learn English”
I have had a good experience in Crossing Borders. I feel good with my teachers and my classmates. It’s a fun way to learn English and I feel like I’ve learned a lot here. I’m very happy and grateful.
Camila, Colombia

“Friendships from Different Nationalities”
Crossing Borders is a very well option to learn or improve your English, because the professors use different and funny ways to practice listening, speaking and grammar. In each level you have activities to apply your knowledge and create friendships from different nationalities through a new language.
Violeta, Mexico

“I am Very Happy at Crossing Borders”
I am very happy at Crossing Borders. I have learned and gained some amazing experiences. For example reaching, writing, and grammar rules. I love meeting new classmates and the teacher is great. I hope to continue at Crossing Borders.
Amnah, Saudi Arabia

“I had a Very Good Experience”
I had a very good experience at this center. I met new people from my country and a different country too. I like how the teacher do the class the teachers and the people at the front desk they are very nice.
Lucia, Mexico

“I’m Loving the Course”
I’m loving the course Crossing Borders and my classes. I had the opportunity to make contacts and learn the different culture and mainly the English language. The class was creative and interesting.
Marcele, Brazile

“I Really Enjoy the Class”
Hello my name is Mario I would like to tell you all about me in the Crossing Borders School. I been in the school about three weeks ago. I found the school in the google page. I really love enjoy the class, the teacher is to accessible to answer the questions. I like the conversation in the class and enjoy when we play pronunciation games, when we listen the audios and the same time, we work with our books, the hard part for me is grammar focus, but a thing in the next level, I gone learn more. In my writing and my reading. I have more comfortable. I already sign to the next level. Thank you!

“I Highly Recommend”
I love Crossing Borders because they have a great teachers. The classes are fun and different every day. They have classes with small groups so we have a lot opportunity to participate during the class. I highly recommend this place if you want improve your English.
Johana, Colombia